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Devotional Resources for Families and Individuals

When elders engage in household visitation, one of the most common clusters of questions that are asked is about private and devotions: where do I start? Do you have any recommended resources for family devotions? What can I use if I’m looking to grow in my personal devotional life? What could I read with my girlfriend or boyfriend? As we’re closing out the first month...

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A Thanksgiving Confession

Well, the holidays are here again! Thanksgiving Day kicks it all off with the familiar pattern of too much food, catching up with family, and watching the Lions lose another football game. All in all, a good day....

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"I Love It"

I love the Bible because it is truth spoken in love by the Wonderful Counselor. Every day, otherworldly voices—other “counselors”—intrude and compete, beckon and beguile, sound plausible and pleasing. But wonder of wonders, God inserts himself into the conversation. He is not silent. He does not leave us guessing as to who we are and what life is really about. He s...

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A Word of Encouragement

One of the very best things in life - like good wine, coffee on a cold morning and fall colors – is a word of encouragement. In her song, “Legacy”, Nichole Nordeman begins with the line, “I don’t mind if you’ve got something nice to say about me.” And further on, “We all need ‘atta boy’, or ‘atta girl’.” ...

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Small Groups

The apostle Paul was always talking about Jesus. Since Jesus had graciously turned Paul into one of his disciples, Paul made it his aim to speak about Jesus with everyone he met—those who followed Jesus and those who did not—so that he might see people trust in Christ and grow mature in Him (Colossians 1:28)....

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Teach Us To Want

What do you want? When difficult decisions come up, like whether or not to commit to marry someone, once we’ve clarified the appropriate first question asking if the Bible allows something, oftentimes the even more difficult question to answer is, “Do I want this?” And if so, “Why do I want this?”...

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Learning to Talk Like Jesus

According to Scripture, “wisdom” is the art of knowing how to live, and one behavior that the Book of Proverbs is especially concerned to highlight and transform is the way we speak. Since God is the speaking God, and since we are created in his image, key questions confront us: Does the content of our talk image God’s truth, and does the intent of our talk image God...

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Islands in Fellowship

Earlier this month, Joanne and I had the pleasure of visiting a sister OPC denomination. I always enjoy visiting a church where I am not preaching and not known. It frees me to just “be a visitor” and observe a church from that perspective....

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School Choice

When I was growing up, no one in my world asked this question. There was one and only one option for anyone who attended a conservative Dutch Reformed church (unless they were RCA). The Christian school was seen as an essential, non-negotiable third leg of the “three-legged stool” of a committed Christian community. (The other two “legs” were the home and the chur...

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How Shall We Then Speak?

Gotta moment for something different? Cindy and I got such a kick out of the following that I thought you might enjoy it, too;...

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