Did you know that we are instructed to care for each other in the Bible? There are actually 59 statements in the New Testament giving us specific detail about how to do this.

"Forgive each other. Bear with one another. Confess your sins to one another. Pray for each other. Offer hospitality to one another." And many more!

Small Groups are one of the main ways that Harvesters WALK with one another in love. Through small groups, we learn together, help each other, encourage one another, hold each other accountable, lift each other up, celebrate one another, and love one another. At Harvest, we have small groups that meet weekly during the school year at the church and in members' homes. You are welcome to jump in any time for small groups that meet at the church. We highly recommend joining In-Home Small Groups at the beginning of each semester to fully engage with God's people to discern what God has for you through the study, fellowship, prayer, and worship.

If you are interested in joining a small group of any kind, please contact Pastor Wayne Veenstra at wayne.veenstra@harvestopc.org.