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My full name is Clifton (Cliff) Gilbert Foster V. I was born in Albion, Michigan, but grew up in Battle Creek for most of my life. I am one of four children of Clifton and Burton Foster, who also are from Michigan. I was raised in somewhat of a Christian home and remember stretches of going to church every Sunday and Wednesday night Bible studies, but around middle school and high school my family stopped going. Though I was baptized in middle school, I “repented and believed” in high school, where I began to take my faith more seriously.

As promised earlier, this is our second of two pastor’s posts on the topic of Lord’s Supper frequency. While we did not receive any questions from the congregation, we wanted to take the opportunity to answer a few more common questions/objections for Harvest members who might be asking.

I would like to use my Pastor’s Post this week to make you aware of two extremely important video series for parents.

At our April stated meeting, Harvest session voted to increase the number of times we celebrate the Lord’s Supper from once to twice per month. There is no chapter and verse in the Bible commanding how often we should celebrate this sacrament. There also isn’t a required frequency in our secondary standards (confessions, catechism or book of church order). Each local session is free to make this decision based on their conviction of what will best glorify God and edify his people.

After three years of work at Harvest, I’m grateful to see the way that the Lord has been growing a passion for witness and missions at our church. Here are some upcoming events we ask you to be in prayer for as we prepare for a beautiful summer!

At a large church, it’s easy to be lost in the crowds and not quite know where your friend group is or what service opportunities there might be. If you would like to share your talents and support our church before VBS this summer, you can fill out the deacons questionnaire share this week

How important is it that we work in a “Christian” environment? I want to argue that it’s less important than many of us make it out to be and I want to challenge you—if you’re working in a difficult workplace—that perhaps this is where God wants you to continue to labor.

The key is for us to appreciate our different backgrounds and preferences and joyfully sing the songs we don’t know as well or enjoy as much – in the comforting knowledge that others in the body are greatly blessed by it. The Lord not only delights in robust singing – but in the sincere love we express for one another as we sing.

For the Pastor’s Post this week I would like to give you all a brief update on my life. I’ve been gone for two weeks – but it feels longer than that and I am happy for the opportunity to reconnect!