The church as the body of believers is the family of God. We encourage you to connect to the ministries of Harvest and in doing so find your place in the family of God. 


Adult Ministries

We have ministries for adults of all ages.  We have a College & Career group for singles in their twenties, a Young Couples group for young marrieds, a "Stuck in the Middle" fellowship group for anyone older than a "young couple", and a HARPs group for anyone 60+.  


Mens ministries

We have a number of opportunities for men - Bible studies, book studies, an accountability group, and a support group.


womens ministries

We have a vibrant, exciting women's ministry that holds many opportunities for women - various Bible studies, book studies, prayer groups, fellowship groups, and support groups.


young adult

If you're a young adult, we have a College & Career group and a Young Couples group. We would love to connect you!



Our Anchored Youth Group and our High School Theology class meet regularly to encourage growth in our young people, both spiritually and socially.



We have regular ministries for the youth in our congregation - Singing Time and Sunday School on Sundays, a Children's Bible Study on Wednesday mornings, and Girls of Grace and Cadets for our middle schoolers on Wednesday evenings.



Our in-home small groups are a great way to get plugged in.  Families at various stages of life gather together weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for fellowship and learning.