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From the Pastors' Desks

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We're Back

Well, we’re back! For those of you we haven’t met yet, my name is Brennen Winter, and I am going to be Harvest’s full-time intern for the coming year. I am joined by my extraordinary wife, Tiffany, and our timid but lovable dog, Winchester (“Winnie”). We have many interests (just ask) and are so excited to be back in West Michigan and at Harvest in particular....

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A Parable From the Front Lawn

Being in loving and committed Christian community creates opportunities for people to give verbal recognition to the work that God has done in us. We are putting ourselves in positions where God can speak through his people to remind us: God is slowly and surely making us to look more like Christ. And hopefully we can do the same for others. We need help seeing that God is...

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Norfleet Call to Briarwood PCA

Message From Harvest Session: Norfleet Call to Briarwood PCA Last week, Pastor Greg Norfleet informed the pastoral staff and ruling elders that he had accepted a call to become the new Pastor of Counseling / Director of Counseling Ministry at Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Birmingham, Alabama. This means that Pastor Greg is asking for the Harvest congregation and ...

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Lenny's Welcome

A warm welcome can make the difference between someone moving toward Bible-based, Christ-centered community or drifting from it. ...

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Catch Them Doing Something Good

As you consider this triad of biblical categories—“saint, sufferer, and sinner”—which of these lenses tends to control the way you see and speak to God’s people around you? Each of these perspectives on our Christian experience is obviously important, but my sense is that—dare I say it?—our conversations with one another often suffer from a grave imbalance: ...

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Let Me Tell You About My Brother

This past Monday my family (brothers and sisters) got together for Mom’s 83rd birthday. It was a perfect summer night for a back yard buffet – and one more chance to be with my brother Randy. A highlight of the evening was sharing stories and memories of Randy; things we particularly loved about him. It was a blessing to be able to do that with him there, to listen ...

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Pastoral Intern Update

The kindness of God has been made manifest in so many ways these last two years. We’ve come back to West Michigan, for a brief time, to be of service to the saints at Harvest....

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Home and Post-Vacation Blues

Many people experience PVB because they hate their job or their ‘normal’ life. That’s not the case for me at all. I love my work and I feel incredibly blessed in my normal life. It’s just not home – not in that deep sense. Normal life, in this present evil age with a not-yet-perfected self, is a life filled with stress, conflict, loss, fear, weariness, anxiety, e...

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Summer Memory Challenge

Scripture memory, however, whether it be for adults or kids, is not something we do just for kicks or to gain some religious points. Scripture memory is about worship, holiness, ministry, and mission. L...

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Faithfulness and Pride Month

The month of June is upon us and, with it, the celebration of America’s true public religion – Pride. Our nation, with much of the western world, has committed itself wholesale to the worship of unlimited sexual license and the aggressive evangelizing of the LGTBQ+ agenda. This is not about politics, or social policy, or human rights. At its core, this is purely about...

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