After three years of work at Harvest, I’m grateful to see the way that the Lord has been growing a passion for witness and missions at our church. Here are some upcoming events we ask you to be in prayer for as we prepare for a beautiful summer! 

  1. Missionary Movie Nights: The witness team plans to host three movie nights (June 20, July 11 & August 15) to watch three movies about missionaries, enjoy some popcorn, and fellowship on a warm summer night. We are considering watching Chariots of Fire (Eric Liddell), Into the Heart of the Dragon (Hudson Taylor), and The Small Woman with a Great God (Gladys Aylward). We also hope to have Zoom calls with missionaries to hear from real life OPC missionaries on the field right now and learn how to pray for them. If you have a favorite missionary movie, or OPC missionary you would like us to connect with, feel free to respond to this email.

  2. Open Table: We appreciated having our first quarterly hospitality night for visitors after an evening worship service (March 10). It was so nice to get to know some of our ESL friends better, and get to connect with your friends and family who are not Harvest members. We are considering increasing the frequency of these meals to monthly.

  3. Missionary Conference” (October 16-18): Harvest’s witness team invites you to consider attending the “Missionary Conference” commemorating the 500th anniversary of William Tyndale’s English Bible translation. With speakers like John Piper, Kevin DeYoung, Sinclair Ferguson, and Mark Deverit, it will be a wonderful time together! The witness team budget has approved the cost of conference admission for the first ten people who sign up. Harvest members would just be responsible to pay for their travel, lodging and meal expenses (estimated about $350). You can let us know your interest by responding to this email.

  4. Witness Team Budget: By God’s grace, as we continue to develop witness and missions at Harvest, the witness team has requested a budget increase of 100% over last year’s budget. Please pray for provision as the trustees and the session work to plan and approve a budget to propose to the congregation at our annual meeting in June.

  5. Short-term Missions: The Anchored Youth mission trip, headed to Boardwalk Chapel (June 22-29), has 21 confirmed students and a total of 34 people planning to attend. We also have Harvest members headed to Puerto Rico in August, Taiwan in the fall (Elley Buehler), and the Benjamin and Joelle Campbell family taking a trip to Japan to investigate whether or not the Lord might be calling them to foreign missions.

Please keep all these things in prayer!

In Christ,
Pastor Adrian

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