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John Calvin was offering a very biblical diagnosis when he described the human heart as a perpetual factory of idols. He was describing you and me. It’s for that very personal reason that I’m so excited to study 1 Kings 18 with you on Sunday morning. Besides being a story packed with drama and sprinkled with humor (just look up v. 27!), Elijah’s dramatic showdown with the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel help us to see more clearly God’s grace to people who find themselves being turned aside to love anyone or anything more than God.

The past few years I’ve become increasingly convinced that our young people not only need to know the outlines of classic systematic theology (The Doctrines of God, Man, Christ, Holy Spirit, Church, etc.), but they also need to know how to biblically discern the issues of our day. Our society is becoming increasingly aggressive in ‘catechizing’ young people in the new cultural religion of progressive thought and it is extremely important for our young people to be able to discern Biblical truth in the midst of the mass deceptions of our age.