O God of the Nations,

You are the all-powerful God, who appoints our times and draws the boundaries of our dwelling place, that we should seek after you. And you are also the ruler of the kings on earth, for you remove kings and you set them up and you turn the hearts of our rulers whichever way you will. You scoff at those arrogant rulers who would lift themselves up and trust in their own might.

Yet knowing that you are compassionate and merciful, and that you have instructed us to lift up prayers for all who are in high position that we might live peaceful and quiet lives, we pray for Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus and their governing authorities.

We ask that you thwart the violent purposes of the evil men who thirst for war, and that you would make them receptive to counsel that is peaceable and reasonable.

But if, O Lord, you should not curb their wicked impulses, then we ask that you shield those who are most weak and vulnerable—the women, the children, the elderly, the disabled, the poor—from the worst impacts of the violence, as well as from those who would prey upon them in these frightening circumstances.

And we also pray especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in Ukraine and are caught in the middle of deadly conflict, who have been forced to flee their homes, or who face separation from loved ones. Set your eyes upon them, O Lord, and open your ears to their prayers and ours for them. Turn your face against those who would do evil against them!

We pray for our fellow Christians in Russia, who may get conscripted to fight in a conflict they don’t support or who will experience the economic consequences of their leader’s wicked purposes: protect them, clothe and feed them, and cause their confidence to be fixed on you.

In this region, amidst the suffering and anxiety and chaos, we pray that the life and hope that are found in Jesus would shine forth more brightly so that those who currently fear the loss of life, may come to fear you, and find life and peace in Christ Jesus. May the hope of your church and its witness of charity and love toward those who are in need during this time be a great light that your Spirit uses to draw people to the gospel of your Son.

This we humbly pray through Christ our Lord, Amen.


Prayer Requests for Ukraine

The following prayer requests have been taken from the missionaries we support in Ukraine. Please keep them in your prayers. 

  • That God will use these uncertain times to build his Church in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.
  • Pray for order as many would take advantage of those who are weak and vulnerable
  • Pray that Ukrainians will trust in God more than the military and that this war will lead to the needed permanent changes in people’s hearts and lives in Ukraine
  • Pray that the people of Russia and Belarus will reject their leaders, revolt against war, and come to faith in Christ.
  • Pray for Ukrainian leaders and the military’s safety and wise and effective resistance to Russia.
  • Pray for Russia’s retreat.
  • Pray that we will provide wise care for refugees coming to L’Viv and be the light of Christ in the darkest hours.


What Pastor Wayne is reading . . .

To Stay and Serve: Why We Didn't Flee Ukraine
by Vasyl Ostryi

Russia Keeps Punishing Evangelicals in Crimea
by Kate Shellnut and Forum 18

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