Winter, Brennen and Tiffany Wyoming, MI YL

Well, we’re back! For those of you we haven’t met yet, my name is Brennen Winter, and I am going to be Harvest’s full-time intern for the coming year. I am joined by my extraordinary wife, Tiffany, and our timid but lovable dog, Winchester (“Winnie”). We have many interests (just ask) and are so excited to be back in West Michigan and at Harvest in particular.

We arrived just over a week ago, and I was reminded of when we first arrived in West Michigan seven years ago. We drove a U-Haul from Florida with our cat, had our trailer catch on fire along the way, and arrived exhausted at Dale and Joanne’s doorstep having never met them. “Wild ride” was an understatement. We were exhausted and beyond emotional, but the welcome we received outshone all the insanity we just endured. We showed up to the VanDyke’s in the middle of the night and were met with warm smiles, firm handshakes, and a place to stay. It didn’t take long before we experienced the same kind of reception from the rest of Harvest. This church instantly became home.

We left this home four years ago to pursue seminary out in California. It was hard to leave, but we were going with the support of you all, so we went to the other best West coast. Out there we experienced some of the greatest and most difficult times of our life. We formed amazing relationships and experienced the glories of God’s creation. I got to study under outstanding pastors and teachers alongside faithful brothers and sisters. We lost four children through miscarriage. We traversed the highs and lows of life with dear friends, and we constantly saw the tender mercy of Christ on display. This was all used by God to form a foundation for ministry that the Spirit will continue to build upon the rest of our life. We went to seminary so I could learn the “tools of the trade,” and I’m excited to finally put those tools to use at Harvest. It is such a privilege to be a servant and steward of Christ’s bride, and I am honored that I get to play a supporting role in that service here.

It is my sincere desire to proclaim and minister Christ to you all this coming year. Harvest has been through a lot, but we have a good, gentle, and loving shepherd in Jesus. I am eager to walk with you through life’s highs and lows as we point one another toward our savior along the way. He is all we have, and he is more than enough. I pray that the Spirit will bear much fruit in all our lives this coming year as we strive toward that final goal of seeing Jesus one day. It’s good to be a part of Christ’s bride…

So, once again we find ourselves freshly landed in West Michigan. Instead of Florida we’ve come from California; instead of a U-Haul we went with U-Boxes; instead of a cat we have a dog; instead of a fire we had A/C issues, and instead of Dale’s house we landed next door. (We can’t change things up too much.) Things feel familiar but also new. We recognize so many old faces but have already met new ones as well. Even so, it’s still Harvest. It’s still home, and it’s good to be back.

Recommended Resources

You’re Only Human by Kelly Kapic: We are constantly confronted with the message that we must continually strive to do and be more. Kapic confronts this mindset with the biblical, burden-lifting reality that we are limited creatures by design. We are not God, and that’s the point. I cannot recommend this book enough.

The Unfolding Word by Zach Keele: As licensure exams draw near, I am doing all I can to keep what I learned in seminary fresh in my mind. This is the book version of a class I took at WSC called “English Bible Survey.” It was taught by a local OPC pastor (the author), and it’s a fantastic resource for tracing out the grand story of scripture.

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