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Support Groups

We offer support groups for both Men and Women. 

Men's Group

The James Fellowship

Wednesday | 7-8:30pm | year round

The James Fellowship is a group of men meeting together to grow in greater love for and obedience to Jesus Christ, particularly through overcoming various forms of addiction (sexual, alcohol, drugs, etc) or other hurts, habits, or hang-ups (anger, anxiety, depression, co-dependency, etc) using a biblically redeemed approach to the twelve steps. By design, this group is extremely dynamic, where participants dig deep into one another’s lives and foster a greater desire to take significant measures to be increasingly free from the bondage of our addictions and struggles, so that they might increasingly know the joy of fellowship with Jesus Christ. 


Women's Groups 

Side-By-Side Wives Support Group

1st & 3rd Tuesdays | 7:30-9pm | October - May

Side-by-Side Wives Group is for wives whose husbands are battling sexual sin. When sexual unfaithfulness impacts a marriage, both spouses need specific care and help. Our ministry to wives provides encouragement and support for women who need comfort, wisdom, and hope as they face this painful experience. This confidential group provides a safe, grace-filled place to help women move forward in healing. The group utilizes various books for discussion, along with Scripture, all with the aim of learning how to apply the gospel in a woman’s specific marital circumstances. This confidential group meets two times a month.


Sexual Sanity for Women Support Group

Wednesdays | 7-9pm | October - May

Sexual sin often has a weight and pull on one's heart in which one is left feeling broken and alone - someone longing to be known yet frightened about being found out.  A desire for intimacy.  Wholeness.  Healing  But there is too much at stake.  If you are in that struggle, you are not called to carry it alone.  The gospel can give you freedom from sin's pull as you walk in grace toward transformation and newness of life.  Although heavy and hidden, there is no sin that is out of reach of grace!  If you are interested in transformation and healing, please contact us.


For questions about any of these groups, please contact Nikki Veurink, our Congregational Life Coordinator, at

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