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Love's Fulfillment

Apr 7, 2019 Pastor: Wayne Veenstra Scripture: John 17:24–26

A Love Song

Nov 25, 2018 Pastor: Dale A. Van Dyke Scripture: Psalm 45:1–17 Series: Psalms

The Longing of Love

Nov 4, 2018 Pastor: Nick Thompson Scripture: Song of Solomon 8:6–7

The Steadfast Love of the Lord

Sep 17, 2017 Pastor: William VanDoodewaard Scripture: Psalm 107:1–43

He Loves Her Best

May 21, 2017 Pastor: Wayne Veenstra Scripture: Psalm 87:1–7

The Savior's Love

Jan 8, 2017 Pastor: Dale A. Van Dyke Scripture: Luke 18:18–22 Series: Luke