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Babies and Books for Kids

We’re going to have one really big Sunday School class if we keep up the six babies per month pace Harvest set in January! Six people—six souls who will live forever—have been entrusted to parents at Harvest who are given the responsibility to teach their children about the God who has revealed himself in Jesus Christ. What a monumental calling! 

Last week in this space I mentioned that I hoped to pass along some helpful tools that Suzanne and I have discovered as we seek to teach our kids about Christ. This week I wanted to share several storybooks for young readers that we’ve enjoyed reading together and which are theological in nature. 

Many at Harvest will know about the board books which Rebecca Van Doodewaard has written for young children. Simple, with fun illustrations, her books introduce kids to some important figures in church history. Kids are shown Katie Luther’s example of hospitality and George Whitefield’s zeal to talk about Jesus with people. We’ve also really liked the Martyn Lloyd-Jones book.  

The Moon is Always Round by Jonathan Gibson is a beautifully illustrated picture book published by Jonathan Gibson, professor of theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Gibson wrote this book as part of a way to explain to his three-year-old son the stillborn birth of his sister (see the background here). If you’re looking for help to explain suffering to young children, this book is worth a look. God is always good even when it may be hard for us to see it. 

A book that is for children a little older is Andy Naselli’s That Little Voice Inside Your Head: Learning about Conscience. Naselli has written a very helpful book for adults on the conscience and here he distills the main points into a book for children. God has built into each one of our children a conscience that is intended to help us pursue obedience. In an age-appropriate way, Naselli helps explain what the conscience is, how it functions, how our conscience can be cleansed, and how our conscience sometimes needs to be adjusted. 

If you have any recommendations for books or discipleship tools for kids, I’d love to hear about them -- comment below! I’ll look to send out some of those resources in a future post. 

— Yours in Christ, Pastor Wayne 

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