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Some Good News


During the original COVID lockdown, John Krasinski cheered many hearts with “Some Good News”, a series of short videos dedicated to sharing good news. I’d also like to celebrate some good news with you, three things in particular.

A Great Vacation

First, some good news from the home front. We had a wonderful vacation at Lake George with the whole gang. (I think vacationing is one of my spiritual gifts. I don’t want to be immodest but reading, fishing, sleeping, eating great food, and drinking in the incredible beauty of God’s creation – all with my precious family – it just comes naturally to me.) 

A Decision for Life

On the national front, we can celebrate the historic decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. While we thank the Lord, we also need to remember that this doesn’t mean babies won’t continue to be aborted. As Lauren Green McAfee points out,

“In the wake of the Supreme Court decision, there will be scores of women with unexpected pregnancies who don’t know where to turn in their moment of crisis. This is not a time to gloat over a victory, nor is it a time to lean back and think the issue is resolved. The church has an opportunity to humbly step in and provide loving, compassionate, holistic care.”

I highly recommend her article found here. She has some excellent suggestions for how we, as a church and as individuals, can participate in caring for single mothers, orphans, and the unborn. (I also really enjoyed checking out the Lifesong for Orphans page.)

A Stance for Biblical Fidelity

We should also rejoice in the strong biblical stance taken this month by the Christian Reformed Church on the issue of LGBT. You can read an excellent summary of that decision here and here.  Our own Matt Tuininga, professor at Calvin Seminary, was a primary author of the excellent report that was approved. The report affirms,

“The church must warn its members that those who refuse to repent of these sins — as well as of idolatry, greed, and other such sins — will not inherit the kingdom of God,” adding, “It must discipline those who refuse to repent of such sins for the sake of their souls.”

That is a biblical, God-honoring, and neighbor-loving stance! Most significantly, the CRC made this a confessional issue (meaning that all church officers and professors at Calvin University will be required to sign their agreement) and instructed Neland Avenue CRC to comply with the Synod’s decision and remove the practicing homosexual deacon from office. As someone who has long grieved the downward trend of the CRC, I rejoice in this courageous step in the right direction. May the Lord use it to foster a revival of biblical fidelity and gospel fruitfulness in that denomination.

All these things are great reminders that “though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.” He is faithful – and will always be until that day when we sit on the shores of the new earth and bask in the eternal sunshine of His love and grace. Peace be with you all.


In His Service, 

Pastor Dale

What Pastor Dale is reading . . .

Last Summer Boys
by Bill Rivers
I was able to read Last Summer Boys by Bill Rivers and it was terrific! Had the “feel” of my childhood – though I don’t remember having as much time for recreation as these boys had.

Growing Downward
by Nick Thompson
Remember Nick and Tessa? Nick is a pastor now at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Chattanooga. This is the best book on humility I’ve ever read – because it is primarily about God. It would be wonderful for a small group study or for your own personal devotions.

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I too was rejoicing that the CRC made the biblical decision regarding the homosexual issue. What a tough one to navigate — loving the sinner but not the sin. Is loving seen as approval? That’s what I struggle with.

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