First off, I want to thank the many of you who have continued to be understanding and flexible as we’ve tried to make plans as a church in the upheaval of COVID-19. While it has not been without its personal or congregational difficulties, within the congregation there seems to be patience and willingness to accept the Lord’s providence in our current situation that is an encouragement to me. 
As we look ahead, I did want to give you a peek into what Sundays at Harvest will look like in the Fall. At our Session meeting this past Tuesday, the Session decided that starting on Sunday, October 4, we would begin holding two morning services and one evening service each week. We would also discontinue the outdoor sites at Harvest and the Vanderwey farm. It is also our hope that the newly-formed Church Plant Committee for a South Church Plant will help find a facility in the Wayland-Dorr-Moline area that would allow a satellite location to continue to exist south of Grand Rapids.
The Session made this decision with input from the Congregational Life Team, the Worship Ministry Team, and the COVID-19 task force. As the seasonal change forces us indoors, we believe that this path forward is best given that it brings more of the congregation together for entirely in-person services in a manner that is safe and supportive of community efforts to respond to COVID-19.
There are still some details that we need to finalize but for now, we want you to know the intended direction. We will provide updates as specific details are confirmed.
For now, you can help in the following ways:

  1. Pray. Pray that the LORD would grant wisdom in planning, unity, and humility in the congregation, and that He would even use this as an opportunity to expand our gospel witness in West Michigan.
  2. Register. Register for worship each Sunday. As we make a transition to two morning services, this is something we’ll continue to ask people to do (and if you register for a spot, be sure to go to that spot). 
  3. Volunteer. Moving to two services will require more volunteers on Sunday. If you are able to serve in one of the following ways, please contact Sandra Ter Haar.
    • Musicians – We are looking for additional singers, pianists, guitarists, percussionists, and string players. 
    • Audio/Visual – We are also searching for people with technological skills who could help as a projection operator during the service or assist with running sound. Training will be provided.

As always, if you have questions or feedback, you are encouraged to reach out to your shepherding elder.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Wayne

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