One of my goals in starting this post was to introduce books and articles and topics that I don’t get a chance to address in the normal routine of preaching and teaching. This week’s post is a great example. I read a book review this week on the Gospel Coalition website called The Conversation About Sex You Need to Have with Your Spouse”. It is excellent!
Sex is something we don’t talk about much, as the church, and that’s a mistake. In our sex-obsessed world, we need to be casting a robustly, biblical vision of sex or we will inevitably adopt the vision of our surrounding culture. Parents, our children desperately need us to be able to explain a truly biblical conception of sexuality for them. Take up and read! 

In this four-minute and 17-second video, David White shares five essentials for talking to your kids about sex:



Other Recommendations:

God, You, and Sex

Holy Sexuality


- Pastor Dale

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