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Anchored Youth Group Fall Retreat

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September 11, 2020 to September 12, 2020

6:00pm – 3:00pm

Location: 189 126TH AVENUE, Wayland, Michigan 49348

Coordinator: Andrew Bekkering


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While indoors, we will encourage and require masks and social distancing.  Outdoors we will recommend masks and require social distancing as events allow. (Note: The camp also requires masks while inside their public buildings.)


  • Arrive Friday Sept 11 @ 6pm
    • No Dinner Provided Friday Evening
    • 6pm-8pm- Open time to swim/fish/boat
    • 8pm- Sing outside around the campfire
    • 8:30pm- Andrew give intro to this year’s study
    • 9pm- Snacks
    • 9:30-10:30 Capture the Flag
  • Saturday Sept 12
    • 8am-9am- Breakfast
    • 9am-930am- Personal Devotions
    • 10am-11am- Andrew continue with intro of study
    • 11am-12pm- whole group game of soccer or something similar
    • 12pm- 1pm- Lunch
    • 1pm-3pm Activities
    • Leaving before 4pm


  • All food will be made, prepared, and served by people wearing masks and clean gloves
  • We will have full reign of the camp’s commercial kitchen
  • All food will be served by volunteers. We will not let everyone use the same serving utensil to get their food
  • Drinks will be provided- a volunteer will pour all the drinks so that individuals just have to grab a cup off of a table


  • We will encourage activities that take up a lot of space, that do not bring many people in the same area, and that have little contact. Some examples are swimming, capture the flag, and soccer.
  • Although there is a game room in the basement of the main building, we will not allow anyone to make use of that area.
  • Singing will always be outside and with enough space for people to be spread out.


  • Son-Life camp has 88 beds for us to use. We will be the only group utilizing these beds/cabins, so we will be able to spread kids evenly over the 7 cabins. What percentage of the beds we use will depend on how many students sign up. We estimate 54 people coming. Last year we had 40 students and 8 leaders, this year to have 2 leaders per cabin we will have 14 leaders for a total of 54 people.