Building Bridges Instead of Barriers: Reforming Race Relationships in the Church

A January 2019 conference to serve the body of Christ by proposing biblically Reformed ways of thinking about the subject of race relationships within the church. In addition, practical suggestions were offered as to how we might more effectively build bridges across ethnic lines in the church.

H.B Charles “Regarding No One According to the Flesh“
Eric Watkins “The Hermeneutics of Race And the Crisis of Contemporary Preaching”
Dennis Johnson “Neither "Us" Nor "Them," But a New Creation”
Terry Johnson “Is Reformed Worship Eurocentric? Interacting With the Idea of 'White Worship'”
Dianne Olinger A Case Study on Diversity and Christian Education: Phil-Mont Christian Academy
Joel Kim “Hyphenated Reality: Asian-American Experience in America”
Mark Robinson “Five Pastoral-Theological Theses for Reforming Race Relationships in the Church”
 Alan Strange “Recovering the Spirituality of the Church in Post-Slavery America”
Alicia Williams When Your Hand is on the Plow: A View from the Pew”
Gabriel Williams “Race and Rhetoric: Honoring Christ with our Words”


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